National TB Control Program in Afghanistan

Decades of conflict, uncertainty, and mass population displacement have exacerbated the public health challenges facing Afghanistan. This is particularly true of Tuberculosis. Despite the availability of diagnostic procedures and drugs, TB continues to be a major public health issue in Afghanistan, which is one of the 22 high-burden countries. According to the World Health Organization’s Global Tuberculosis Control Report 2008, an estimated 40,000 TB cases occur in Afghanistan every year, with more 8,000 cases resulting in death…More

National Stop TB Partnership in Afghanistan

The National STOP TB Partnership was officially launched by the Minister of Health of Afghanistan on November 26, 2008. The objectives of the Stop TB Partnership include eliminating TB as a public health problem in Afghanistan and to eventually rid the country of the disease; to interrupt the transmission of TB; and to reduce the inequitable social and economic status of TB patients. This partnership envisages that every TB patient in Afghanistan should have access to effective diagnosis, treatment, and cure. It supports wider implementation of the National Stop TB Strategy with an emphasis on advocacy, communication and resource mobilization…More